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Privacy Policy

This “Privacy policy” (hereinafter – “Policy”) applies to all “Users” of this “Site” of the company "ALUKON" SIA.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, Personal data is any information that can be used for identification of a person as well as any information about the person who had already been identified. Using the services of our Site, you provide your personal data to us, the right to process and use them in accordance with the rules stipulated in the Privacy policy.

We honour your privacy and undertake all efforts to keep your personal data safe. We do not allow undesirable mailing and in no case we will allow sale, rent or transfer of any of your personal data (name, address, email address, etc) to the third persons. Disclosure of information to the third persons can only be made on the grounds of receipt of a legally compliant inquiry, contract or with your consent.

By using our Site you confirm that you understand the Policy and you agree to follow its changes. If you do not agree to this Policy or with separate definitions, please do not use the services of our Site.

What data are collected and processed by us

We collect and store the following data:
- name and surname of the customer;
- telephone number;
- email address;
- delivery address of a product or service.

We process, but not store, the following non-personal data:
- cookie files.

Private information is used only for appropriate provision of services and communication with clients. We can receive your personal data only from you and only if you use the services of our Site and contact customer service with the help of the feedback form or by electronic mail.

What for we collect your data

We use the information about you collected by us in order to:
- answer your inquiries and provide information to you;
- sell our products and services;
- prepare anonymous statistics about the use of the Site.

How long we store your data

We store personal information about the client within 10 years. Upon expiry of 10 years, your personal data will be destroyed, if you do not request destruction of your data by personally visiting the office of SIA ALUKON (with the identity document) within this period.

Transfer of data to the third persons

Data processing centres, support services, delivery services, cloud storage representatives and similar Personal data processors that help us to provide services to you can be the third persons. Third parties engaged by us can process your personal data only for assigned tasks and cannot use them for other purposes or transfer them to other persons without our consent. The processors ensure the protection of your personal data in accordance with applicable regulations and a written agreement concluded with ALUKON SIA

Personal data may be transferred to relevant government authorities, including law enforcement authorities, for instance, to the police or other supervising agencies, but only if deemed necessary and in accordance with the due process of law prescribed in the regulatory enactments.

Transfer of data to the third countries

The company ALUKON does not transfer personal information and other data to the third countries. Delivery of personal and other data of the user is effected only in response to a legally compliant inquiry.

Cookie files policy

Cookie files are small snippets of information that the Site saves in your computer or mobile device during your Site session. This allows the server to integrate information from the browser that is why you will not have to re-enter your data when you return to the Site. You can learn more about the way cookies work at

We use session and permanent сookies in order to:
- to improve the quality of rendered services;
- to recognize new or former customers;
- to remember whether you have already answered the question of pop-up windows (so that we do not have to ask you to do it repeatedly);
- to remember whether you gave (or did not give) consent for the use of сookies on our Site;
- to send you advertisements that meet your interests most;
- to collect reliable information about the use of the Site that will allow us to evaluate how well the Site meets the requirements of the users and to make necessary improvements;
- to analyse what pages you visit and what consumer privacy tools you use.

Inclusion of сookies is not strictly necessary for exercising of the principal functions of the Site operation, but they will give you a better Site user experience. However, you may delete or block сookies at any time. In that case, some of the functions of this Site will not be able to work in a proper manner.
The information related to сookies is not used for your personal identification and the collected data are stored under our control. Cookies are not used for the purposes other than those specified herein.

Who is responsible for your data processing

ALUKON SIA, Plieņciema Street 15, Mārupe Municipality, LV-2167, Latvia, is the data controller and responsible for personal data processing. In case of any questions pertaining to your personal data processing, you may write to the electronic mail

Amendments to the Policy

We revise our Privacy policy on a regular basis. Any changes will be posted on this page. This Privacy policy entered into force and was last updated on 23.02.2021.

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