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Alukon is experienced fabricator in Aluminium and Steel systems, a part of APS production group, based in Latvia, delivering glazing solutions since 1994. Besides local Latvian market, ALUKON is focused on activities in Northen Europe, where in 2009 has successfully completed its first façade contract in Vaxjo, Sweden. Over the time, Alukon gained the great experience in delivering glazing constructions to Sweden and Norway, as well as developing the business on the market of the UK. Alukon provides engineering, fabrication and delivering exceptional façade solutions for our clients. The whole ethos of the company revolves around assisting our clients in making their visions a reality. Our staff and approach, whilst consistent with the company ethos and values, look to align ourselves with discerning clients that appreciate and value the expertise we bring to the market. This approach has built a portfolio that is as unique and diverse as the clients we work with.

The main office and production plant Of Aluminium constructions

The main office and production plant of Steel constructions

Own production based in Latvia

ALUKON aluminium production plant is equipped with modern machinery made by Schuco (Germany), including two processing CNC machines Schuco PBX AL-7200 and newest AF-500, which allow to manufacture complex facades, including Elemental facade (USC systems).

Fabrication in
Aluminium systems


We also own fully equipped Jansen steel production, including blasting and powder coating in one house.


Our suppliers

Our Team

Staff at Alukon have years of experience in every aspect of the design and installation of façade projects. This expertise allows us to give indispensible support to customers ensuring that our manufactured product not only meets the project specification exactly but is also as straightforward as possible to install on site. The experience we have gained in the design and implementation of a number of projects in various European countries helps us to develop the optimum solution for facade cladding for our client. The team of designers use the latest technology and always work to meet the aesthetic requirements of architects and applicable technical standards. This approach has built a portfolio that is as unique and diverse as the clients we work with.

Our approach to realise and
manage the project

How it works
From start


and optimisation

The priority is to understand the needs of each client, design a technical and pricing solution tailored to the individual project and the planned course of implementation. In case of cooperation on the project concept, we look for the most optimal solution together with our clients. The fundamental starting block in a project selection process is to gain an understanding of the client's drivers behind the development idea.


and specification

At this stage we are checking the solutions and approvals before or at an early stage of construction, alongside the architect, together with other members of the consultant team. Combining our knowledge and engineering design skills with those of the consultant team ensures a design specification that is not only feasible and deliverable, but remains true to the original architectural vision. We work with detailes drawings, based on the customer's recommendations, tests, certificates, that all leads us to concluding a contract with our client. On this phase we also planning the production and agree on the timing of implementation.


and realisation

After signing the agreement we start to prepare the production drawings, visit site for measurements, requesting the approvals at the construction stage. When we come to manufacturing in our two up to date equipped production plants, we are always looking for a solution for maximum product prefabrication to achieve higher efficiency when installed on site. Cooperation and capacity sharing provide us with sufficient flexibility to meet our obligations to clients. Whether it be procurement, fabrication or site logistics, all aspects are managed by a series of unique reporting tools giving total visibility and control of the project process.


and Installation

Following the planning and consultation phases, the actual delivery phase in a project circle is usually relatively short. It is however, one of the most critical phases and one where Alukon has a proven experience. We use proven technological procedures during installation and at the same time we try to innovate when possible. As with our other activities, the main focus on health and safety, sustainability, responsible sourcing and leading industry methods is important to both our clients and our business.


Post completion

A strong focus on tenant and end-user experience is reflected in our after-care package that ensures both the longevity and quality of our products is maintained and the ultimate image of the client suitably reflected. The project does not end for us with the handover of the work, it passes on to the next phase, where our service technicians maintain the standard of the delivered product and help the client in any emergency. Our priority is quick feedback to our clients and timely planning of service visits.


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